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“Anaconda” – the “ass-horny” song release from Nicki Minaj (31) continues to cause a sensation: the title reptile attacked now one of the background dancers while rehearsing for the “MTV Video Music Awards” on Sunday!
Right front: The dancer will survive it and it is not clear whether the snake bite in her butt. Finally, abound in the POrformance only of bouncing and swaying buttocks…

Nicki Minaj knows how to provoke. Their brand new single, “Anaconda” is on everyone’s lips after only a few days. The song and video revolve mainly around one: to her extremely thick butt!

Nicki of Haris first single off her new album “the pink print” already breaking all records. The scandal video to the Anaconda “song could reap after only a few days almost 75 million clicks. This happens even scandal noodle Miley Cyrus from her pop throne.
This involves both the clip and the lyrics above all one: to the incredible big ass of Miss Minaj.
‘ I said: ‘
Where are my bitches ISA in this club with her fat?
The thin bitches fuck”
At the same time she offended thin girls in the lyrics. In doing so many for her thin figure can help it. The part that would gladly to even, dohc, unfortunately it doesn’t work. This has already led to a major Shitstorm in the Internet. The rapper must listen to but even more criticism and allegations about their pronouncements with regard to drugs.

So she tells in an “Anaconda”-verse that she ostensibly only engages in a guy, because he dealt with cocaine. She can also dress up also by the money of a cannabis dealer. No wonder that she must insert harsh criticism for these lines!

Anaconda”means the single with Nicki Minaj will occur at the”MTV Video Music Awards”on Sunday. There is also a real snake. And that it has in itself: at the rehearsals for the show, the reptile attacked a dancer – the wife is in the hospital.

So that no one had expected: instead of swaying with Nicki Minaj and her dance troupe to the beat of “Anaconda” rhythms, it has changed is a real snake. She bit a dancer so violently that it had to be admitted to the hospital. It reported the American gossip Portal “TMZ”.
Actually no poison danger posed by the constrictor. It could so a mere precautionary measure be – because the bite can still cause an infection. It is Not yet known how the half-eaten. The incident had occurred before the eyes of all those present, so “TMZ” next.
Transported in a container
It is also unclear whether the 31 year-old Minaj in danger was to be attacked by the nearly two-meter-long snake. The reptile can be caught but again. It was brought in a container from the stage. Minaj and her crew must decide now whether they will take the snake for the live broadcast.
The year’s “MTV Video Music Awards” To find Instead of on Sunday in Inglewood, California. At the opening of the show, the honor To give equal three superstars. Together with Nicki Minaj Grande and Jessie J scare the hell Ariana “Bang, Bang” the audience with her opening song. In addition, live acts will occur such as Beyoncé, usher, Rita Ora.